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About Us



 A different cigar experience than you have ever had. Fresh hand-rolled premium aged tobacco cigars rolled fresh within a week of purchase. Not stored and and sitting drying out for months in a warehouse.

It starts with the finest premium aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, & Nicaragua.

They are rolled in the most loved sizes and shapes, with wrappers suited to your taste, by master craftsmen who are multi-generational experts.

They are then delivered to our store, your special event, or shipped to your home in our humidified packaging, so that you may enjoy the cigar experience of a lifetime, ​ just days after being crafted.​

Mailed Fresh, available in our store, and Enjoy our Lounge. Different ways to enjoy our cigars.


Order from our webstore for expedited delivery, stop by our shops, or come to our lounge and join with one of our very flexible membership options and become part of our family. 

Experience a world unknown to most cigar smokers who buy mass produced, warehouse stored products.


Fresh Hand-rolled Cigars from the Little Cigar Factory are unlike any other.